Luxury Crystal Bling Browbands for all Horses and Ponies

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Handmade Luxury Crystal Browbands with an Added Touch of Class

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Iridescent Dainty Browband from our Pixie Range


The Pixie range elegant browband, a unique single row of crystals that change in the light the true name of the AB iridescent crystals is Aurora Borealis aka the northern lights and they are named well! From our handmade range of crystal bling browbands.



True Understated Beauty from our Pixie range of Dainty Browbands Featuring Iridescent Crystals

Now here is true understated beauty at its finest. The iridescent crystals in this single row Pixie browband are set into antique style brass settings that adds to the class of this look. The Pixie range features dainty browbands handmade on 6mm of quality Sedgwick English leather, for an elegant browband look our Pixie range is for you.

Elegant single row crystal browbands from PonyCouture's Pixie range of tasteful bling browbands

Single Row iridescent Pixie crystal browbands

A unique single row of crystals that change in the light the true name of the AB iridescent crystals is Aurora Borealis aka the northern lights and they are named well! The beauty of these crystals really shows up at its best when seen in person sparkling and changing hue in the sunlight, they shine like no other under arena lighting too! So the light from indoor arenas will not dull your shine. Whats more is that the brilliance of these crystals are not taken away from or lost in other rows of crystals, with just a single row of simple, understate elegance.

The Pixie Range

The Pixie Browband is our finest yet, made on 6mm/7mm of hand crafted Sedgwick English leather, encrusted with the option of either one, two or three rows of luxury Preciosa crystals. The Pixie crystal browbands truly are touch of pure class. In keeping with the look of this elegant browband there will be no pony couture badge, to help keep this look refined. The ‘Pixie’ lends itself to any horse but truly is at home on a fine or small pony head….Read more about the Pixie browband range by clicking here.

All of our crystal browbands are handmade on quality Sedgwick English leather and feature genuine Preciosa crystals. Our bling browbands come complete with care sheet, drawstring bag and certificate of authenticity. Moreover each browband also has its own unique product code and also come with a years warranty along with free repairs.

Please note: All of our bling browbands are handmade, each one taking hours to create. Due to this we ask customers to allow up to three weeks for dispatch, we’d rather get it perfect first time than rush it! However if you’d like your browband for a specific date even in a short time span then please contact us at and let us know when you’d like it ready for and we will do our best to please!

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Browband Length

13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch

Leather Colour

Black, Havanna Brown


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Browband Sizes

Please carefully measure your horse for the perfect fit. Many horses have wider or finer heads than their size suggests. For instance my thoroughbred mare is a cob size in bridle (with most cob nosebands being too wide) but needs a full sized browband for comfort.

Additional sizes are also available as special orders for no extra cost so you can get the perfect fit. Please click enquiry button for special orders.

Note: Special orders will take longer to produce as all browbands are individually handmade and handstitched.

X Small PonySmall PonyPonyLarge PonyCobFullExtra Full
12" - 12.5"13"13.5"14.5"15.5"16.5"17.5"
(special order)(special order)

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