Luxury Crystal Bling Browbands for all Horses and Ponies

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Handmade Luxury Crystal Browbands with an Added Touch of Class

Free delivery on all orders over £75 for UK & EU £100 for rest of the world

Welsh section C pony wearing bespoke, handmade crystal browband, looking competition ready. Difficult to fit pony head now finally has well fitting tack.

Gorgeous Ronnie in his PonyCouture Crystal Browband. Difficult to fit pony head.

Welsh section C gelding Ronnie has a difficult to fit pony head, his most charming and awkward featuring being his pronounced eyebrows and wide fore head on his otherwise dainty “Wedge shape” head and has in the past had issues with browbands in pony and cob sizes pinching the base of his ears – Not in his full size crystal browband from PonyCouture though where horses and ponies comfort comes first (It just so happens that good looks and comfort go hand in hand in this case!).

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Luxury Equestrian

PonyCouture is a new exciting brand of high quality equestrian fashion and tack.

Our luxury and standard range browbands are now available in many different sizes, styles and colours are all hand made here in the UK. Soon we will have our gorgeous buttery soft leather bridle range available and we have some very smart clothing items in the works.