Luxury Crystal Bling Browbands for all Horses and Ponies
crystal bling browbands for sale UK

Stunning Handmade Sedgwick's English Leather Crystal Browbands

We use world famous Czech Maxima Preciosa crystals on our luxury range of browbands and the very best hand picked for quality and shine from all over the world on our standard range.

Our browbands are all made with the same care and high standard and are available in many different styles and colour combinations including our curved 5 row Amazbling style, the super skinny curved and straight Pixie's and the classy Triple Crown.

crystal bling browbands for sale UK

Spend £75 or more for free delivery

No need to add a voucher just make sure that you choose the free delivery option in checkout if you have browbands and/or stock pins *£75 or more in your basket.

*£75 in the UK £100 for the rest of the world.

crystal bling browbands for sale UK

Luxury bespoke bridles in butter soft Italian leather

Our bridle prototypes are currently being tested for fit, comfort, durability and looks.

Once the design is finalised the bridles will be available in a variety of finishes and colours including black, havana, tan and patent leather.

They will be available in all sizes to fit the smallest pony to the largest horse.

Equestrian Fashion & Tack

PonyCouture is an exciting new online tack shop with a strong emphasis on providing high quality up to date equestrian fashion for the young rider and small ponies.

Custom crystal bling browbands, well fitting, bespoke bridles and soon our own clothing range.

Buy Luxury Crystal Bling Browbands from the Bling Browband Specialists

All made from hand stitched supple Sedgwick's English leather and luxury Czech Preciosa crystals. View our full range here in our shop.

Crystal Bling Browbands

Pink Ombre Crystal Browband

Ombre crystal browband for lovers of all things pink!

A touch of Equestrian Luxury

PonyCouture's handmade, crystal bling browbands are now available in several different styles and many colour combinations.

The very best English leather

My browbands are hand stitched English leather from JE Sedgwick. Available in half inch sizes as I am a huge believer that too tight browbands cause a great many of the behavioural issues that often get put down to plain bad manners and naughtiness.

Bespoke Pony Bridles

In other news the first prototypes of my soft and supple Italian leather bridles are currently in production and are due any day too so keep an eye on my blog here and my Facebook and Twitter accounts for more news!

Gorgeous Galaxy in her bespoke Triple Crown crystal browband by PonyCouture
Gorgeous Galaxy in her bespoke Triple Crown crystal browband by PonyCouture
Tagan, Welsh section A mare in her well fitting bling browband

Why PonyCouture

Alfie pony - a tiny Welsh section a gelding

In September 2013 Alfie Pony came into my life. A tiny little Welsh section A colt that I hoped would grow into an 11.2 hh pony for my young daughter. Well as soon as the colder weather arrived off Alfie went to the vets to be gelded with high hopes that he would put his energy into growing upwards afterwards.

Sadly it was not to be so we have a tiny but perfect little man and it was at breaking time spring 2014 that I began to discover just how hard it is to find well fitting tack for such small and dainty ponies! A normal pony bridle swamped him, shetland bridles were far too wide he ended up with just plain foal slips for headcollars and saddles were a nightmare!  We ended up buying a sewing machine and making his travel rug and lycra hood from scratch and a twelve inch cub saddle but I wanted something nicer for my boy! His tack was so drab compared to our other three equines.

So that was where the idea for Pony Couture began, my quest for smart looking, high quality, fashionable clothing and tack for small ponies and their tiny riders and now I’m expanding into cobs and bigger horses. too


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Luxury Equestrian

PonyCouture is a new exciting brand of high quality equestrian fashion and tack.

Our luxury and standard range browbands are now available in many different sizes, styles and colours are all hand made here in the UK. Soon we will have our gorgeous buttery soft leather bridle range available and we have some very smart clothing items in the works.